write Caption and its description for each image separately?

Baby Boomers in Middle Adulthood – The largest segment of the US population the “baby boomers”, are moving into middle adulthood and in some cases even becoming grandparents. The advertising and marketing industries study this age cohort, and it has been increasinginvisibility in prime-time television, print ads and in digital advertising, pop-ups and internet solicitation. 


1. Find 4 images of advertising media that illustrate this point – ALREADY DONE PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT

2. Use a caption for each piece of media to explain the advertisements mirror the specific physical and cognitive changes in development referred to in the attachment. 

3. The captions should combine a total of 550 words for ALL of the 4 images – NOT 550 words per each image 

4. Use at least 2 resources (other than the images or clips) to support the claims you are making. 

5. Cite these using APA formatting 

6. Please – the must be plagiarism free. I will check its originality with turnitin.com before accepting it. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.


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