I have an assignment to write a 5-6 page paper over how science is portrayed in the movie The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The guidelines are below. I need this assignment completed by tomorrow evening. 
Paper: Examine how Science/Biology is portrayed in the movies. The paper should discuss a Scientific/Biological issue or topic that is a focus of the movie.
The paper will be 5-6 pages (5 full pages is the minimum)
Format: Font size: 12 Font Face: Time New Roman Spacing: Single-spaced 1 ¼ margins
Your name, date, and class name with CRN on the upper left corner, Title need to center and bold.
The following topics/questions must be stated/answered when writing the paper:
A brief summary (description) of the plot
Explain how the movie is related to Science/biology
Is the movie using scientifically accurate explanations?
What part of the science/biology in the movie is fact?
What part of the science/biology in the movie is fiction? Explain why it is fiction.
What are the science concepts that are used in the movie?
What did you learn from the movie?
How do you think the movie’s presentation of the Science/Biology issue or topic is viewed by the general public? For example, does it make the viewer more or less believe in the topics or issues?
You will be graded on neatness and grammar. Please make sure to proofread your paper.


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