The discussion assignment provides a forum for debating topics that may not have one clear answer.

Before beginning work on this week’s discussion post, review the following resources: Doing Discussion Questions Right Expanded Grading Rubric

This week, be sure to agree or disagree; defend your position with evidence from our textbook and recommended scholarly sources.

From the statements below, select one topic and your position on the topic (agree or disagree). Early in the week, reserve your selected topic by posting your response (reservation post) to the Discussion Area, identifying your topic in the subject line.

By the due date assigned, research your topic and start a scholarly conversation.

The topics this week are: Managers should copy or borrow techniques used by successful companies so as to keep pace with changes.

Be very specific with the topic you choose: What are the main problems or challenges with the statement?

Engage in a discussion with at least two colleagues and respond to questions from your professor by the end of the week.

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