Business Studies
Report(max 1500 words)

Using theory and data, evaluate the strategy of a company of your choice over a five-year period(2012-2016). You should use the company’s stated strategic

objectives and performance results to evaluate the success of their strategy. You should provide recommendations for the company’s future strategy.


Structure of the Report

Section 1 The Company: Describe the company’s background, vision and mission statement.

Section 2 (External Analysis): Identify the external factors affecting the organisation’s strategy and apply a minimum of one external model learned in the


Section 3 (Internal Analysis): Identify the internal factors affecting the organisation’s strategy and apply a minimum of one internal model learned in the


Section 4 (Other relevant models to analyse the strategy of the organisation): Choose a minimum of one model learned in the course that does not analyse

the external and internal environment and apply it.

Section 5 (Conclusion)

Section 6 (Strategic Recommendations): Based upon your analysis, you should prepare at three feasible recommendations. Ensure that your solutions are

guided by your chosen application of the models.

NB: References should be sought to support case analysis. There are no maximum numbers, but at least 5 references are recommended. References are not

included in the word count.


Possible models to use –
External analysis:
➢ PESTLE (I) analysis
➢ Porters 5 forces
➢ Competitor analysis
➢ Stakeholder analysis

Internal analysis:
➢ Resources, capabilities & competitive advantage
➢ Dynamic capabilities (knowledge management, learning and innovation)
➢ Balanced scorecard
Other models:
➢ GAP analysis
➢ Carroll’s Pyramid
➢ Generic Strategies Framework



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