Directions:1. Select at least one quote from at least four of this week’s readings.2. List each quote (and citation) and explain why you selected it as a compelling or interesting quote.3. Explain what you learned this week about children”s learning in math, science, and STEM/STEAM.4. What am I going to do about this issue in my classroom?So you should have at least 4 quotes just to be clear.References:Coleman, J., & McTighe, E. (2013). Unlocking the power of visual communication:  Interactive read-alouds help students decode science diagrams and other visual information.  Science and Children, 50(5), 73-77.Lott, K., Wallin, M., Rohaar, D., & Price, T. (2013). Catch me if you can! A STEM activityfor kindergartners is integrated into the curriculum. Science and Children, 51(4), 65-69.Mayberry, S. (2014). Gather ‘round: Exploring the wonders of science through read-alouds.Science and Children, 51(8), 63-67.NSTA. (2014). NSTA position statement: Early childhood science education. Science and  Children, 51, (7), 10-12.Roy, K. (2013). Safety: The elementary mission. Science and Children, 51(2), 86-87.Vardell, S. M., & Wong, J. S., (2014). Observe, explain, connect. Science and Children,51(8), 31-35.


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