This will be a 5–8-page utilizing APA standards. The topic will be to select

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This will be a 5–8-page utilizing APA standards.  The topic will be to select a company or organization within Fortune 500 and choose a Chapter in our books relating to Leadership and complete an analysis of that topic in relation to the company that you choose.
An autocratic leader is one who tends to centralize  authority and derive power from position, control of rewards, and coercion. The groups with autocratic leaders performed highly so long as the leader  was present to supervise them. However, group members were displeased with the  close, autocratic style of leadership, and feelings of hostility frequently arose. For example, if  there is time pressure on a leader, or if it takes too long for subordinates to learn how  to make decisions, the leader will tend to use an autocratic style.
P Morgan was certainly open to hearing the opinions of trusted advisors, but he wasn’t the sort of leader who focused on collaboration, consensus, and employee autonomy. Morgan’s leadership style can be better described as autocratic. He set clear, unambiguous goals, and he knew exactly how to achieve them.
Morgan gave detailed instructions using a top-down approach, and he was careful to monitor his workforce for efficiency. He created policies and procedures based on his theories of the least expensive and most effective methods of achieving results, and he held each and every member of his workforce accountable for complying with his requirements.
This attention to detail and insistence that his workers conform to his methods ensured he could build exceptional companies that created products and services that transformed American culture.
If he didn’t win popularity contests with the employees who executed on his vision – well, it doesn’t appear that bothered Morgan in the slightest.
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