Stratsim Reflection (individual assignment)
At lease 800 words.
Due may 20th via Canvas
The purpose of this assignment is to ask you questions that can help you understand factors that help or hurt the development of stratsim teams and apply those lessons to your future teams.

Please detail your stratsim team experience following the transition to remote work as a result of COVID-19. Specifically: a) What happened right after the transition related to your stratsim team? b) Did anyone take on a new or different leadership role or did you perform tasks in a similar way as before the transition? c) Did everyone contribute in the same way or did some members contribute less?
What were the challenges with working remotely and how (or did) you overcome those challenges?
How would you say leadership emerged in your team (what does it look like when it emerges)? Has it been the same person or multiple people?
Did you team have strong processes (i.e., planning, action and interpersonal: see teaming ppt) and psychological safety? Did that change after the COVID-19 transition?


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