Paper format: 1-2 pages, 12 point font, double spaced


  • Select a MASS MEDIA SOURCE ARTICLE related to sexual health from a popular press media source
  • Select a PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL ARTICLE relating to sexual health that is of interest to you. Access the library in person or on-line. Some possible journals:

(i.e. magazines such as Men’s Health, Glamour, GQ, Ebony, Self, Vanity Fair, Time, Cosmopolitan, etc…, online source).


  • Advances in Contraception
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
  • Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality
  • Family Planning Perspectives
  • Journal of Homosexuality
  • Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality
  • Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy
  • Journal of Sex Education and Therapy
  • Journal of Sex Research.
  • Sex Roles: A Journal of Researc

Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s blog, Sex & Psychology, may be useful in locating articles or research paper topics:

*Blog posts on Dr. Lehmiller’s site are NOT ideal articles to write about as a journal article – look for the journal articles that he cites/references in his blog posts then write about those.

Critically read & analyze each article.

Write a 1-2 page paper, which briefly addresses most/all of the questions below.

  • APA citation of selected article Visit the UMKC Writing Studio website for APA citation help.
  • Did the title reflect the true content of the piece?
  • What is the claim (what is being proposed)? What evidence is being offered in support of the claim?
  • Who is making the claim and is there something in it for them?
  • Who authored the article & what are the author’s credentials (if any)?
  • Was the article based on scientific research?
  • Do you think the article was written to entertain or inform? Why?
  • Was the article credible (believable, convincing)?
  • What were the strengths of this article? What about the article did you enjoy?
  • What were the weaknesses/limitations/flaws of this article?
  • Would you recommend the article to others? Why or why not?

  • APA citation of selected article Visit the UMKC Writing Studio website for APA citation help.
  • What was the article about?
  • What methods were used?
  • What were the strengths of this article?
  • What were the weaknesses of this article?
  • What did you learn from reading this article?
  • What further research or information would you want to explore (next research steps) after reading this article?


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