(Responses to two classmates should be minimum 50 – 100 words)

1. This should be addressed to Sheila Mosby

The primary cause of stress in my life right now is being a single mother of two children with disabilities, being over worked on my job, and underpaid. As a single mother, I am responsible for providing everything my children and I need without any help. I have to always make tough decisions were my children are concerned. They both need extra therapy outside of what the school offers, but I am unable, for the most part, to take them to appointments because of my work hours. Also I find that I have to fight for what little help they do receive at school. I work very hard on my job sometime long hours. I always perform my job to the best of my ability doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Unfortunately, managers do not want to lose their good workers. This is one reason I have been unable to grow with my company. The other reason is the buddy system. The less strenuous and better paying jobs are given to friends instead of reliable employees who are better qualified.

The impact that these stressors are having on me emotionally is the fact that it hurts when I feel that I cannot provide the best care for my children, and cannot acquire the extra help they need. I worry about what will happen to them in this cruel world without me. The impact that these stressors are having on me physically is that my body is telling me that I’m getting too old to continue working at my current pace. I have suffered multiple back injuries, a knee strain, and a shoulder injury which needs surgical attention. I was medically prescribed light duty since the end of last year, but I am still in the same position doing the same job that caused the shoulder injury. These are all of the reasons why I decided to go back to school to have a better chance of finding a better job which will improve our lifestyle.

2. This should be addressed to Tabitha Beaureguard

My biggest stressor in my life now would be my job. As I mentioned before the work environment has changed a lot in the past four to five years, the hospital has expanded greatly and that has put more pressure on my department. There has been a big shortage in drugs in the United States and without medicine I cannot properly do my job. We are having to find alternative ways to make drugs or use substitute medicine to replace what we cannot get. Miscommunication is a major problem in my department right now, everyone wants to be the boss and make their own rules and that cause a lot of confusion. There is a shortage of staff in the Pharmacy department and that has taken a toll on my body and mind as well. Stress can make you sick mentally and physically, your body will ache and you will stay sick if you do not deal with stress (Manning, Curtis, McMillen & Attenweiler, 2011). Many of my coworkers have complained of chest pain and migraine headaches due to the tremendous amount of stress that they must deal with daily in the Pharmacy. The last three years in the department have been the worse since I have worked here and that is why I am pushing myself to finish my schooling so that I can move on to something better and less stressful.


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