Instructions: Part 1 Using the spreadsheet “Personal Budget Template,” begin tracking your personal expenses and income, by filling out the spreadsheet for the entire year. You will be working on this project in Units 1 – 4. Your completed spreadsheet is due at the end of Unit 4. Use the sample expenses as examples only. Edit, delete and add additional expenses to fit your own personal situation. In each of the 4 units, review your sheet carefully and ensure that all expenses are accounted for. Then, modify the template so that the totals reflect your actual figures. Part 2  analyzing the data from the Personal Budget assignment submitted in Unit 4. Use the following questions as starting points for your discussion: • Are my expenses in line with my expectations? • Am I living below or above my means? • Is my income sufficient? • Are my expenses projected to increase, in the future? • What should I do today to generate additional income, in the future? • What learning insights has this exercise revealed? • What will you do differently as a result of what you have learned?  Part 1 • A spreadsheet containing a breakdown of your weekly personal expenses.  


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