Learning Plan 10

Graded LP10 Assignment: Planning a Meeting

There are two parts to complete for this assignment. 

Part 1: Create a business scenario in which you need to hold a business meeting in order to solve a problem. Describe your scenario in 3+ paragraphs, adding enough detail so that the problem you are addressing is clearly defined. 

Part 2: Create an agenda for a business meeting in which you will address the problem you described in Part 1. As you construct the agenda for your meeting, be sure to include by CoupExtension” in_rurl=”http://s.srv-itx.com/click?v=VVM6ODE4NzI6NzMxMjp0aGUgZm9sbG93aW5nOmEyYjA2MTNlY2E3MDZmOWM2YzA2M2JhZjBkYjUwMTg1OnotMTc1MC00NTg1MTY6d3d3LnN0dWR5cG9vbC5jb206MjQyMDA5OmVlOGYzZTI1ZDM4YmJiYjhiMGNlMGFlMjU3NjYxZmFlOjlhYjMwYjIzZTM5ODRiNmI4OWJiZDNjNmYyNTMzNTVkOjE6ZGF0YV9zcyw4NjB4MTYwMDtkYXRhX2ZiLG5vOzoxNDY0MjgxMg&subid=g-458516-c83d2fb196ec46dcaff8a175871d7cfa-&data_ss=860×1600&data_fb=no&data_tagname=P” id=”_GPLITA_0″ href=”#”>the following information.

  1. Identify the reasons for holding your meeting.
  2. Identify the objective of the meeting.
  3. Develop an agenda for the meeting.
  4. Describe how you will increase participation during the meeting.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP10 Assignment: Planning a Meeting.” This assignment is worth 200 points and will be graded according to the following scoring guide.

Points/Grading Criteria (200 points)



30 – 0

The student creates a problem which will be dealt with at the business meeting.

30 – 0

The student clearly describes the scenario/problem.

30 – 0

The student creates a professional agenda for the business meeting.

30 – 0

The student’s agenda includes the reasons for holding the meeting.

30 – 0

The student’s agenda includes an objective for the meeting.

25 – 0

The student’s response includes how he/she will increase participation during the meeting.  

25 – 0

Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are used throughout the response.


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