You are preparing an orientation module to teach incoming nurse practitioners about Medicare and Medicaid. You presentation should address the following, and language should be directed at entry-level medical personnel:

Medicare Parts A: Eligibility and What is covered and not covered (2-4 slides)
Medicare Parts B: Eligibility and What is covered and not covered (2-4 slides)
Medicare Parts C: Eligibility and Coverage (2-4 slides)
Medicare Parts D: Eligibility and Coverage (1-2 slides)
Medigap and supplement insurance (1-2 slides)
Medical necessity (1-2 slides)
Limiting charges (1-2 slides)
Process of patient registration (2-3 slides)
Medicaid guidelines and eligible groups (3-5 slides)
Medi-Medi (2-4 slides)
Medicaid verification (1-3 slides)

Include a title and reference slide. Insure all information is referenced and cited in your slides
Assignment Expectations:


answers must thoroughly address each question in a clear, concise manner; complete answers will be presented in 19 to 36 slides


Use the tips at to create the slideshow. Because good PowerPoints have very few words, submit a script that describes the content of each slide – about 50 words per slide (placed in a separate Word document)
Title and reference slides are required


Need to be in APA format on a reference slide, and cited in the slides.


Save your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx)

File name:

name your saved file according to your last name, first initial and the week (for example, “jonesb.week1”)


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