Task Description

By referring to variety of resources i.e. internet articles, company reports, newspaper articles, books etc, conduct a research on the issues faced by organizations in implementing safety and health in their company/project. and must also identify the challenges faced by them and analyse the future trends awaiting project portfolio management in the industry.

The report must be related to current state of Oman and Omani organisations.

Report should follow the following format:

Font: Arial

Font size: 11

Text alignment: Justified

Spacing: 1.5

Reference style: Harvard style of Referencing

Report should be from 4 to 8 pages maximum, excluding references and appendices.

Assessment Criteria:




: Provide a brief description on the issue.

2.Issues and Challenges

: Clearly and concisely describe and discuss the issues, challenges and future trends in portfolio management.

3.Conclusion and recommendations

: Provide proper conclusion and recommendation


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