Newer technology in fire alarm systems allows for the use of addressable initiating devices and notification appliances. Explain advantages of this technology for firefighters responding to a fire alarm activation in a high-rise building.

Your response must be a minimum of 75 words.


What type of fire alarm and detection systems are required to be installed in assembly occupancies and educational occupancies? What conditions, situations, or circumstances contribute to the requirement for such systems?

Your response must be a minimum of 75 words.


Describe the technology used in special detection devices (e.g., gas, UV/IR, video), and describe the means in which the technology operates. Provide one example of where this type of detection would be installed to ensure life safety and property protection.

Your response must be a minimum of 75 words


Traditionally, fire alarm systems involved only audible notification appliances. Recently, the codes have changed, requiring audible and visible notification appliances. Discuss situations where visible notification appliances would be required.

Your response must be a minimum of 75 words.


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