How does the structure of your organization contribute to the issues you are addressing?
Create a draft of your course project and submit it as an assignment under Unit 8. You will incorporate feedback from this draft into your revised final course project.
Your paper should consist of the following components:
An introduction to your paper in which you provide an overview of what you intend to accomplish in this project.A section which thoroughly discusses the nursing leadership priority that you are addressing.List the priority or issue and explain why you chose it.Analyze the issue and explain the various components that you will need to address, such as:How does the structure of your organization contribute to the issues you are addressing?Are there power dynamics that contribute to the issue?What role do multiculturalism and diversity play?Provide an explanation of how you intend to address this priority, including:What things did you need to consider as you put your plan of action together?How did the structure of your organization influence your decision?What leadership skills will be most important to you as you address your priority?How do multiculturalism and diversity within your organization impact your plan?How do theories and practices of power come into play when determining and implementing solutions?Support your action plan with references to the literature that address the applicable theories, resources, and tools that guided you to this particular solution.A section in which you outline either:Your performance evaluation plan for determining how well you implemented your priority.Your development plan for how you will develop the skills needed to implement your priority. This section serves as a personal leadership plan and career programming tool for self-assessment, for developmental purposes or prior to performance evaluations. The goal is to align oneself within the organization, assess organizational fit and desired career path(s), and identify competency gaps to reach personal and professional leadership goals.A summary of what you have learned in the process of doing this project.Use appropriate headings and subheadings as developed within your content outline to demonstrate logic, flow of ideas, and organization. It is helpful to add your sources into the document in the appropriate format while you are in this stage. Refer to the Capella Writing Center for resources.
Optional ActivityYou may want to submit your paper through Turnitin and attach your Turnitin report with your rough draft.
Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click on the linked resources for helpful writing information.

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