Click here to view famous speeches, both current and past. At the American Rhetoric site, select speeches that have AUDIO available. Speeches with text and no audio are not acceptable choices. Complete the following:

1. Listen to ONE speech by President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Tony Blair, etc. from IRAQ WAR SPEECHES in the ONLINE SPEECH BANK, ONE speech by President Bush, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, etc. from THE RHETORIC OF 9/11 also found in the Online Speech Bank, AND ONE speech by MLK, Reagan, Malcolm X, etc. from TOP 100 SPEECHES.

2. Compare/contrast these speeches. Use specific details. Each of your answers should be a paragraph. That means you should have 6 paragraphs!

a. What are the differences in the speakers and their ability to deliver a speech?
b. How well do they achieve reaching the public on the events at hand?
c. What are the most appealing parts of these speeches?
d. Are they a formal or informal? How can you tell?
e. Do you feel these speeches have a sense of completeness and why?
f. Do the speeches move you? Use terms, concepts, definitions from your lessons to explain.

Talk about the questions I have raised and raise a few of your own!


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