PLEASE POSE YOUR OWN QUESTION ABOUT GENDER IDENTITY and answer it in a thoughtful, introspective and scholarly manner. You must include at least one “DIRECT QUOTE” from a source.

This could be the “coming out” story of you, a friend, a relative. It could be the story of your friendship with someone who has endured difficult times because of gender discrimination.

The story could be a review of the pros and cons of gendered bathroom issues in public schools.

OR – How do you feel about the media coverage of BRUCE/CAITLIN Jenner’s journey of “coming out” as transgender?

It could also be an explanation of YOUR SPECIFIC BELIEFS about GENDER & SEXUALITY based on your religious background. If the latter is your story – – include direct quotes of passages from the Bible or another historical document you read on a regular basis.

PRESENT YOUR QUESTION / ISSUE and then write your response. Be sure to include a FORMAL INTRODUCTION that includes your TOPIC / DISCUSSION ISSUE and a FORMAL CONCLUSION / SUMMARY. YOU MUST ALSO INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE QUOTATION. 400 word minimum with at least one direct quote.


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