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1) Important functions of skeletal system involve 
a) protection of the brain and soft organs.
b) storage of water.
c)  production of Vitamin E.
d) regulation of acid-base balance.
e) integration of other systems.
2) Cartilage
a) is composed of osteons.
b) is surrounded by a membrane called the periosteum.
c) contains chondrocytes located in lacunae.
d) does not need nutrients and oxygen so it has no blood vessels.
e)  is well vascularized.
3) Collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite are the primary constituents of 
a) bone matrix.
b) hyaline cartilage.
c) fibrous cartilage.
d) ligaments.
e) blood.
4) The primary function of osteoblasts is to 
a) prevent osteocytes from forming.
b) resorb bone along the epiphyseal plate.
c) inhibit the growth of bone.
d) stimulate bone growth.
e) lay down bone matrix.
5) A cord of connective tissue which attaches muscle to the bone is a 
a) ligament.
b) periosteum.
c) endosteum.
d) tendon.
e)  muscle spindle.
6) A passageway connecting the neighboring osteocytes in an osteon is a 
a) central canal.
b) lamella.
c) canaliculus.
d)  lacuna.
e)  osteocanal.
7) Which of following is correctly matched? 
a) short bone – carpal bone
b) long bone – vertebra
c) irregular bone – femur
d) flat bone – phalanges of the toes
e) short bone – humerus
8) What is the area where marrow is located? 
a)  Epiphysis
b) Sharpey’s fibers
c) Growth plate
d) medullary cavity
e) endosteum
9) Which of the following events happens last in intramembranous ossification? 
a) Osteoprogenitor cells become osteoblasts.
b) A membrane of delicate collagen fibers develops.
c) Cancellous bone is formed.
d)Periosteum is formed.
e) Many tiny trabeculae of woven bone develop.
10) Which of the following statements regarding calcium homeostasis is true? 
a) Parathyroid hormone inhibits osteoclast activity.
b) When blood calcium levels are too low, osteoclast activity increases.
c) Increased osteoblast activity increases blood calcium levels.
d) Parathyroid hormone increases calcium loss from the kidney.
e) Calcitonin elevates blood calcium levels.
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