Spend a little time this week thinking about your topic of research for this semester. What topics interest you? What do you want to learn more about? Keep in mind, as you select a topic, that your final paper must be argumentative. Select a preliminary topic with a narrow focus and complete the research below:

First, find an online source (not from the databases) on your topic that that you think is reliable. Use the 3-question process explained in Week 2 Content (Lesson 2) to evaluate the source along with the principles included in Chapter 19 for evaluating online sources. Once you’ve evaluated this source, reference the citation tools from the OCC Library resources to create an MLA style citation for this source. I recommend their link to Knight Cite, but you can use a different citation generator if you prefer…or create a citation yourself using the guidelines provided in your Little Seagull Handbook.

Post your citation with an explanation of the source’s strengths, limitations/biases and how it could be used responsibly. Be sure to mention the source’s title and author in your explanation.

Second, after you’ve found an online source, use the library databases or catalog to find a 2nd source on the same or a similar subject. Use the “Tools” menu in the database to create an MLA style citation for that source. Then explain how this source differs from the one you found online, and explain (in detail) how you found it. You might share: what database and search terms you used, why you selected this source from the list of choices you had, etc.

To recap: your post will include two citations, each with an explanation, as described above.

This is just for practice, so if your research topic changes after this week, it’s no big deal!


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