Due: Saturday Module 7Review and critique a peer-reviewed paper, employing the statistical analysis of primary data

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Due: Saturday Module 7Review and critique a peer-reviewed paper, employing the statistical analysis of primary data, from the following list. The journal papers may be found in the Business > ABI Inform/Proquest database in the Baker College Online Library. Write a 1-2 page critique paper that discusses at least the following:

Describe the research problem the author(s) are addressing.
Describe the base literature the author is working from. What previous research or theory does the author go to as a basis for the present paper? You will typically find this in the first few pages of the work, possibly in a section headed “Review of the Literature”. In addition to citing some of the major sources quoted – tell me, in summary form, how the author built his/her work on top of previous writings.
What are the author(s) hypotheses? Often, these will be formally stated in the paper. In some cases, they can be inferred based on the statistical tests being done. If the author gives a weak (or non-existent) hypothesis, read the rest of the paper and infer a hypothesis.
What research method and statistical techniques does the author(s) use? To answer this question, be sure to tell how the authors collected their data (survey, experiment, etc.). What was the sample size? How did they analyze their data? Note that you need not be familiar with the statistical techniques, simply let the class know what technique is being used. Example statistical techniques include regression, ANOVA, t-test, factor analysis, discriminate analysis and others.
What conclusions does the author(s) draw? Does he/she support his/her hypotheses?
Write a brief critique of the work – Is it plausible? Do you see any holes in the development of the hypothesis, the definition of variables, or in the methodology? Is the research of significance to you? The critique should be properly cited, using APA 6th edition.

Peer Reviewed Paper Options:Abelha, D. M., da Costa Carneiro, P. C., & de Souza Costa Neves Cavazotte, F. (2018, October-December). Transformational leadership and job satisfaction: Assessing the influence of organizational contextual factors and individual characteristics (Links to an external site.). Revista Brasileira de Gestão de Negócios, 20(4), 516–532. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.Alassafi, M. O., Alharthi, A., Walters, R. J., & Wills, G. B. A framework for critical security factors that influence the decision of cloud adoption by Saudi government agencies (Links to an external site.). Telematics and Informatics, 34(7), 996.Fatoki, O. (2016, June). Gender, entrepreneurial motives and performance satisfaction of micro enterprises in South Africa (Links to an external site.). Gender & Behaviour, 14(1), 6874-6884. Retrieved from Psychology Journals database.Fultz, A. R., Walker, M., Lengerich, A., & Bugajski, A. (2018). Radiologic technologists’ job satisfaction: A look at work environment, communication, and leadership (Links to an external site.). Radiologic Technology, 89(6), 536-540.Lujja, A., & Özata, F. Z. (2017). The consequences of consumer engagement in social networking sites (Links to an external site.). Business & Economics Research Journal, 8(2), 275–291. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.Mafini, C., & Dlodlo, N. (2014). The relationship between extrinsic motivation, job satisfaction and life satisfaction amongst employees in a public organisation (Links to an external site.). SAJIP: South African Journal of Industrial Psychology, 40(1), 1–13. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.Mazzioni, S., & Carlos Klann, R. (2018, January-March). Aspects of the quality of accounting in the international context (Links to an external site.). Revista Brasileira de Gestão de Negócios, 20(1), 92–111. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.Schlechter, A., Thompson, N. C., & Bussin, M. (2015). Attractiveness of non-financial rewards for prospective knowledge workers (Links to an external site.). Employee Relations, 37(3), 274-295. Retrieved from Psychology Journals database.Soni, R., Saluja, R., & Vardia, S. (2018). Awareness and adoption of cloud accounting software: An empirical research (Links to an external site.). IUP Jouranl of Accounting Resarch & Audit Practices, 17(2), 36-50.Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.Wang, C., Wood, L. C., Abdul-Rahman, H., & Lee, Y. T. (2015). When traditional information technology project managers encounter the cloud: Opportunities and dilemmas in the transition to cloud services (Links to an external site.). International Journal of Project Management, 34(3), 371-388. Retrieved from ScienceDirect.This assignment is a Direct Measure assessment. Because of this, you will see outcomes aligned and scored in your grading rubric. For more Direct Measure and Outcomes information, click on the following document: Direct Measure Outcomes Information for Students.
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