Choose another qualitative data source, such as observation, questionnaire (open-ended or both open- and closed-ended), survey, narratives, archival documents, and review the required texts as well as other sources to learn more about that data source. 
Then find a dissertation or study that uses that data source within their study; try to find one that includes the instrument for the data source. 
For observations and archival documents, the study may include a checklist and/or rubric to use in conducting those procedures however the observation and documents collected are considered data sources. 
Provide an overview of the data source – what it is, what purposes it is used for, and how it’s appropriate for the dissertation study you found. Within your discussion include support from the literature.
Then discuss how the data source could be used for your own study. (**TOPIC BELOW**)
My Research Question/Topic : What are the effects of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic having on workplace continuity?
Develop an instrument (questionnaire, survey, checklist or rubric) to use as or for the data source. Refer to the selected dissertation or study and other sources to help in your development.
A minimum of one page is required for the data source overview. A minimum of one page is required for instrument development and discussion specific to own study. **Doesn’t have to be separate assignments, just a full page for each**  


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