Article Analysis: Cultural Intelligence
Due: Day 7
Earley and Mowsakowski (2004) conclude that individuals who are both motivated and prepared can attain an acceptable CQ, wherein they are recommended to follow a 6-step approach to cultivating such cultural intelligence.
Describe the six steps of the CQ process. How can each of the steps be applied to a potential leader sent on a foreign assignment or working in the United States with someone from another culture? Compare and contrast cultural intelligence with emotional intelligence (EQ) and explain why cultural intelligence is becoming so important in the era of globalization. Your complete assignment should be 3-4 pages.
Mandatory Reference:
 Earley, P., & Mosakowski, E. (2004). Cultural intelligence. Harvard Business Review, 82(10), 139–146. (Business Source Complete database: AN: 14600043). 


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