Preferably a Pro that will check with Turnitin and provide a report.

Before you even start I will not accept any plagiarized paper don’t even try because I will be using turn it in and it’s very accurate I except original work (anyone can copy and paste and source) I don’t want that I repeat I don’t want that. If you can’t make a simple character analysis paper without plagiarism give it to another writer. Now with that being said, the Thesis must be clear and the last sentence of the first paragraph. 5 paragraphs total intro, 3 body, and conclusion. The conclusion must echo and connect all paragraphs together 

This essay is on drama. The play is An enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen. The essay is 2000 words MLA format. You should have a minimum of 5 sources and 3 quotes. This is a research paper, so you must have the minimum number of sources. The essay itself is like all the other essays you have written: use literary elements to explain the meaning. The questions after the plays are helpful as are the checklists in each drama chapter. For example, if you were writing about A Doll House, you could focus on the character of Nora or of Torvald, or a minor character, symbols in the play like the Christmas tree or letters, any of the themes of the play, historical background’s influence on the play, or compare and contrast to another Ibsen play on a similar subject. Please pay attention to the MLA format. 


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The post Drama Research Paper (An Enemy Of The People) By Henrik Ibsen first appeared on nursing writers.


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