Select a New Zealand (or global) industry or business and write a report that addresses 4 aspects

Value:35%, Length:2000(excluding references and appendices)Format: Report, Topic: Select a New Zealand (or global) industry or business and write a short report that addresses four aspects: a. Identify a significant environmental issue(s) affecting the industry or business; b. The pressures on business or industry to become environmentally responsible, including legislation and standards; c. Describe the current approach to environmental management and comment on its performance; and d. Discuss possible changes to environmental management (approach, techniques, and tools) and why these should be made.
Report guideline – This is a report that is intended to effect change based on your analysis of the current approach to environmental management within an industry or business. The report should be accurate and set out conclusions which are well supported by your analysis. This is a short report – only 2,000 words. Your report should include the following sections:
1.Summary(about 200 words) a.Provides a succinct summary of the report 2. Introduction (about 300 words) a. Sets out the purpose of the report. b. Explains briefly the industry or firm chosen and why (examples of industries are diary, tourism, forestry and firms are The Warehouse, Fonterra, Novotel, corner dairy) c. Explains how information was gathered and analysed (e.g.,search online, library search, interviews, formal and informal, talked to industry associations) d. Clarifies relevant limitations or assumptions (e.g., based on published information only; no interviews or survey data are used) 3. Discussion and analysis (about 1000 words) a. Identifies and defines the relevant environmental issue using literature and evidence b. Identifies the key pressures on business or industry to become environmentally responsible c. Identifies and describes the current approach to environment management d .Discusses changes to environmental management and why this be implemented 4.Conclusions
(about 300 words) a. What the report established about the 4 key aspects in (3) above b. What the report was unable to establish for various reasons (e.g., data on environmental performance was not accessible; the change could not be tested, but needs to be) 5.Recommendation (about 200 words) a. Explains what should be done (only the main actions) and why b.Numbered recommendations (e.g., It is recommended that the board of directors (a) implement an environmental policy that……).


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