CRITICAL THINKING PROJECT GUIDEDUE:  March 29, 2018 Beginning of Class Time – No LaterIdentify a topic of interest to you related to the course.  Prepare five critical thinkingquestions related to your topic.  Read 5 research articles from academic journals(NO POPULAR PRESS) relevant to your topic. Do not use dissertation abstracts.Complete your literature search in any of these data bases: PsycArticles, PsycINFO,or Proquest Psychological Journals. All articles must be on the same topic.  Thetopic must be included on the title pages.  Write a brief summary of each article(one page minimum, double spaced).  Each summary must include a completereference (author, title, journal, year, volume, pages).  Start with the most currentarticles (this year and earlier).  All papers must include two identical title pages, oneintroduction, 5 summaries, 5 detailed abstract and citation records printed directlyfrom your data base search, and one conclusion.  You must include a copy of thedetailed record of each article you review immediately following your summary. Usethe following as a guide.A.Introduction:  Introduce your topic and the research related to it.  Why isthis topic important?  List your critical thinking questions by number.Identify the theories and/or areas of research or controversy relevant toyour topic.  What is the basic theoretical approach or research paradigmcovered in your articles? In what way do the research articles youselected address your critical thinking questions? (5pts)B.Article Summaries:  Example of reference and summary format:(10pts)1.   Hamilton, Seward E.  (year) Identifying African American GiftedChildren Using Behavioral Assessment Technique:  The GiftedChildren Locator.  Journal of Black Psychology, 19, 63-76YOUR SUMMARY STARTS HERE.  YOUR REFERENCE FOR EACHARTICLE SHOULD BE SINGLE SPACED AS INDICATED ABOVE.   YOURSUMMARY SHOULD BE DOUBLED SPACED.  ALL ARTICLES MUST COMEFROM ACADEMIC JOURNALS.  YOUR SUMMARIES SHOULD BE NUMBERED1-5.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS FORMAT WILL RESULT IN A ONE POINTPENALTY PER ARTICLE. DO NOT ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS HERE. DO NOTINCLUDE YOUR PERSONAL OPINION OR POSITION HERE.C.Detailed Records:  Include a copy of the detailed record for each articleyou summarize. Print each detailed abstract and citation record directlyfrom your data base search and include it with the article you summarize.Do not retype or cut and paste the abstract.  Go to the library NOW.Familiarize yourself with the reference librarian. Failure to include thedetailed record or to attach it to the summary will result in a two-pointpenalty per article.D.Conclusion: Briefly summarize observations.  Take a position on any
controversial or important issues.  Support your position using thearticles you read (provide the reference).  You must discuss/integratepoints covered in your articles.  This section should not be limited to youremotional response or personal opinion, but may include both.  Whatresearch evidence responds to each of your critical thinking questions?Answer your critical thinking questions. (10 points
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