Contributions of Anthropology 2. What can apologies bring to the table? Consider last and this…

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Contributions of Anthropology

2. What can apologies bring to the table?

Consider last and this weeks’ readings. What contributions do you think has made to the study of struggles over resources in the context of ?


Anthropology has made a significant contribution in adding a new dimension for the analysis of resource distribution especially in a tourism context. In the past, tourism has always been analysed through an economic lens as viewed as an activity of economics rather than a multifaceted industry that affects real people and impacts their daily lives. Moreover, previously tourism was always analysed from the perspective of the foreigner; anthropologists have aided in shifting this perspective to a more host centric point of view. With regards to resources, often little thought is given to how much of the host country’s resources are being expended on tourist activity without replenishment. This is where the contributions of anthropology are important; anthropologists have broadened perspectives on resource use and how local resources poured into tourism can affect the lives of local people on micro and macro scales.

This adds a new layer for discussion on the effects of tourism and the pros and cons that are associated with tourist activity within a country. This is exemplified in the reading from last week where it was noted that tourists are responsible for more water usage than local people as well as water previously used for the development of the agricultural sector was redirected to the tourism industry. In my opinion, anthropologists seek to introduce the view point of local people and involve them more in discussions about resource use with regards to tourism and how that industry impacts their lives. This is so important in order to understand tourism as a whole as only acknowledging the experiences of the visitors is one dimensional and ignores an entire population which are directly impacted by this industry and its rapid resource use.


Anthropologists have made important contributions to the understanding of tourism’s impact on host communities. In terms of struggle over resources anthropologists have shown tourism from the side of the locals whereas tourism usually was defined from a visitor’s point of view. From last week’s reading Strang and Cole we have seen two different countries with their issues surrounding the use of water. They discuss the struggle of water consumption in a first world country and a developing nation. It was shown for water was taken from agricultural uses and then used for tourism instead. This can be an example that shows that there is a lack of water resources among host communities due to tourism.

Tourism is such an important factor in some countries, it often takes precedence when it comes to local matters. In terms of a country’s resources more is being taken out of the host country than it is being brought back in. What I mean by this, is that when these resources are being used for tourism they are continuously depleting over time. Anthropologists have then brought these issues to light and shown what a problem it can be on host communities. However, do you think that with the light shed on these issues that anthropologists can make a difference and a change with concern to the host communities affected by the struggle of resources?

Cole, Stroma. 2017. “Water Worries: An Intersectional Feminist Political Ecology of Tourism and Water in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia.” Annals of Tourism Research 67: 14-24.

Strang, Veronica. “Water Sports: A Tug of War over the River” In D. V. L. Macleod & James G. Carrier (Eds.), Tourism, Power and Culture (27-46). Bristol: Channel View Publications.


I believe anthropology has made immense contributions to the study of struggles over resources in the context of tourism. As anthropology is the study of human and human behaviors it is able to highlight how societies value tourism as a means of economic growth and see no problem in gaining it at the cost of locals. These articles have highlighted the effects of tourism on local communities and how tourism can take precedence over locals. This was clear in last week’s articles as both Cole and Strang discussed water being prioritized to the tourism industry and the expense of the locals. Coles article that discussed the water being prioritized to the hotels and the locals having to pay increased prices to access it (2017). While Strang discussed how water was being allocated to the tourism industry and taken away from farming and other agricultural needs. This is also evident in this week’s readings as in the Bayahibe is being marketed as a fishing village to increase tourism which in turn creates negative repercussions for the fishing industry (Macleod, Donald, 2010). Despite this image of Bayahibe as a fishing village, a majority of the fishers have now turned to the tourism industry as a means of survival. The influx of tourists boating has caused fish to migrate causing increased difficulty for the remaining fisherman to make a living. These instances make me question what will happen to these communities if tourism rates begin to fall, once the communities’ original sources of income have become deteriorated by this industry? How will these communities be able to support themselves when their agricultural means of economic income have been depleted?


Macleod and Carrier. Tourism, Power and Culture: Macleod, Donald V.L. “Power, Culture and the Production of Heritage” (pp. 64-89). Hitchcock, Michael, and I Nyoman Darma Putra.

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Cole, Stroma. 2017. “Water Worries: An Intersectional Feminist Political Ecology of Tourism and Water in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia.” Annals of Tourism Research 67: 14-24. Added to cart

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