Companys must notify customers prior to price increases because it increases customer satisfaction.

This week you will be developing a thesis statement for your argument.
 The thesis will guide your persuasive essay.  You can think of it as
a single sentence definition of the argument you will be making. 

The thesis should state the topic and a controlling idea.  The
controlling idea is what you are arguing about the topic, the point you are
making, with the main supporting points identified.

Assignments and Activities

5-3 Activity: Thesis Identification

This activity will walk you through your thoughts and plans regarding your
topic and help you to identify a thesis for your persuasive paper.

Refer back to the writing notes and writing plan that you’ve already worked
on in your notebook. 

Remember to click “submit” after filling in each box, to be sure your work
is saved.

5-5 Activity: Drafting Plan

This activity walks you through your notes and plans to begin planning the
draft of your persuasive paper.

5-6 Assignment Milestone 1: Draft

Use the prompts in the MindEdge module to begin writing the draft
of your argument paper.  Try to address the prompts, focused on your
topic, writing them for inclusion in the paper, rather than as plans.

Remember responding to the prompts is just the beginning of the draft.

Once you have addressed each prompt and clicked “submit” to save your
responses, be sure to click on the “Download to Word” link.  Note that you
are not just submitting the results of these prompts.  This will still
need work.

You should open the file as a Word document.  Don’t just save it
automatically.  After it is open, click on the “File” drop down menu, and
choose “Save As”.  Select the file type to save this as a Word document.

Saving the responses to the Word file is not the last step. The next step is
to edit your responses and turn this into an actual argument essay.  It
should not be an extended writing plan; it should be an actual essay, with the
focus directly on your topic rather than your process and plans.

Be sure that the paper is properly formatted using either MLA or APA paper
formatting guidelines, and make a start at citations for sources, or at least
marking where citations should be.  We will be working more on citations
in Module 6.

This is a draft of your actual argument essay/paper, not
your writing plan and not simply the responses to the prompts. Once you’ve
downloaded your responses, you should be editing, revising, and formatting the
paper into an actual argument essay, with developed paragraphs and integrated
research, that flows from introduction to conclusion.

Be sure it is written 3rd person point-of-view, with no use of 1st person
(I, me, my) or 2nd person (you).  Be sure you have introduction and
conclusion paragraphs, as well as multiple body paragraphs for all of your main
points, presenting your evidence, and discussing the opposing view.  Also,
be sure to include the in-text and full citations in either MLA or APA format,
and follow appropriate paper formatting guidelines for MLA or APA.

Be sure to read the rubric for this draft.  I encourage you to double
check the rubric before submitting the draft as well to ensure that you have
met all of the expectations and requirements for the draft.  This rubric
is what will be used to grade the assignment.

I hope that you are beginning to see some progress in the development of
your argument topic and selection of academic research sources.

Remember to check your SNHU email regularly, as that is how I will reach out
if there are any questions or issues with work submitted.  Keep up all the
great work.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any
questions or problems.

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