Chemistry Assignment

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  • For each of the following queries, supply the missing information or perform the required operation. (1 pt each)
  • Two elements with similar chemical and physical properties from the following: C, S, As, and Si. _______________
  • 1. Write chemical formulas for the compounds derived from the following pairs of ions: (5 pts)

    (a) V3+ and PO4 3–
    (b) Ti4+ and Cl
    (c) Mn4+ and PO33–
    (d) Zn2+ and S2O32–
    (e) Cr3+ and Se2–
  • Pethidine hydrochloride is available as a 2.5 % solution. What is the concentration of the drug in mg/mL and mcg/mL? Show your work and report your answer to two significant figures. (5 pts)
  • Pethidine hydrochloride is available as a 1:8000 dilution. What is its % concentration? What is its concentration in mg/mL? Show your work and report your answer to three significant figures. (5 pts)
  • The pressure gauge on an E cylinder containing O2 reads 975 psi. (a) What is the volume of O2 in the cylinder? (b) If O2 is dispensed from the cylinder at a rate of 0.500 L/min, how long will the O2 flow last? Assume that a full E cylinder contains 700 L at a total pressure of 2000 psi. Show your work and report your answer to three significant figures. (5 pts)
    • A patient is ordered to take 0.060 gram of Thioridazine orally. Thioridazine is available as a suspension containing 100 mg of Thioridazine per 5.0 mL of suspension. How many milliliters of the suspension should be administered to the patient? Show your work and report your answer to two significant figures. (5 pts)

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