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  Complete this assignment in a Microsoft Word document, APA formatted and then submit it by midnight, Day 7. Your assignment should be about 2-3 pages, double spaced. A computer company produces affordable, easy-to-use home computer systems and has fixed costs of $250. The marginal cost of producing computers is $700 for the first computer, […]

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  Create a Mission Statement answering the questions on page 85 (attached below). Write the answers in the assignment in paragraph form, using complete sentences. This should be a total of 3 paragraphs, (i.e., questions 1-4, then 4-8, then your own mission statement), written in APA style writing Writing Requirements 3-4 paragraphs, complete sentences, per […]

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2-2  Assignment  Assignment: Criminal Profiling Methods in Action You can choice one  Criminal investigative analysts must ask many questions before they determine the type of approach to use to investigate a crime. Is there enough evidentiary information to formulate a theory on why the crime occurred? Who might have committed the crime, based on deductive […]

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ANSWER EACH OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS MUST BE 1-2 PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH QUESTION 1. Discuss the arguements advanced to support the needs for hate crimes. 2. Are hate crimes constitutional? Why? Why not? 3. Discuss the problems that arise when determining which groups to include in defining hate crime. 4. Discuss the problems in defining […]