Practicum Case Scenario/ Study The following outlines general instructions for a case scenario/study submission. Please remember not to include any HIPPA information. Concerns and questions related to care should be included. Include references to treatment plans using APA format You can use or your choice. Completion of the case study counts toward the practicum experience. Case studies are expected to be a minimum of 500 words, detailed and comprehensive.In this case, this patient is seeking care for a (sinus infection). The patient came into the clinic due to severe seasonal allergies, sore throat, pressure headache, and sinus pressure does not resolve for the last 2 days with over the counted medication. Please include ICD-10 Diagnosis for the related symptoms and diagnosis.Please follow the outline as below when submitting your case study:NURSING 2021 Case Scenario/StudyStudent Name:Submission Date:Case Study:Patient Initials, Age, GenderSubjective information from the patient (History of Present Illness/Symptoms)Current MedicationsMedical History – Medical ProblemsObjective findings from physical examinationVital Signs, Weight, Height, BMIFocused examination findings based on diagnoses being addressed.AssessmentICD-10 Diagnosis (include ICD-10 code) for contact dermatitis.Nursing Diagnoses Plan based on the diagnosis.Include specific nursing care planning for patients to include.Potential issues with achieving quality, comprehensive care.Information on best practice care considerations.Care outcomes from current treatmentPossible side effects of medications or treatmentsPatient education planning/instructionsCare outcomesPlans for a follow-up to review response to treatment.References: APA format must be within the last 5 years.
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