Use APA Guidelines, tittle page, in text citations, a reference page. 


Answer the following questions in a brief, approximately 300 word reflection:

  • What about complex health care organizations are you particularly interested in? Consider Hospital
  • What current events impacting health care organizations interest you right now? Consider telehealth
  • What are you hoping to get out of this course? Focus on the description 
  • How will you use your academic background and/or current employment setting to inform your research for this course’s assignments and for your dissertation? Consider healthcare as a current job and science academic background


Details to be considered when answering the questions:


Description of the course:

In this course, the scholar-practitioner-leader (SPL) will focus on the administration of complex health care systems using systems thinking, complexity science, and innovation theories, methods, and techniques. Topics covered include the complex adaptive health care system (CAS), systems thinking, innovation in health care, strategic and operational planning in a CAS, and change management. Throughout the course, the SPL will reflect on how to incorporate systems thinking into professional development plans and will gain knowledge and skills to view the health care organization and broader industry from a systems perspective. 


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