If we add heat to the air near the ground and the atmosphere is initially neutrally stable, what will happen? Will this cause the atmosphere to remain neutrally stable or become unstable?

The moist lapse rate is less negative than the dry adiabatic lapse rate. This means that an air parcel that follows the moist lapse rate will be warmer than an air parcel that follows the dry adiabatic lapse rate when both air parcels start at the same temperature. Where does this extra heat come from? Explain.

Assume the average, or normal, environmental lapse rate (temperature decrease with altitude in the troposphere is 3.5 degrees F per 1,000 ft (6.5 degrees C per km) If the surface temperature is 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) what would be the approximate temperature at 20,000 ft (6,000 meters)?

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