Topic: Write the Journal entry about Social disorganisation theory. Based on the reading of the case study as well as find at least FOUR academic sources you will apply your chosen theory to a case study.
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Your tutorial journal for Criminological Theory might be a bit different to other tutorial journals you’ve had to submit. This is not a journal in which you express your musings on a topic or offer reflections nor is it a personal reflective piece of writing.
You will need to choose ONE theories to write the Journal entry, which is Social disorganisation theory. Based on your reading for class as well as at least FOUR academic sources you will apply your chosen theory to a case study.
You need to submit a journal entry for marking and it must be 1000 words.
Based on your reading for class, the article “The Shardy Crew”), as well as at least FOUR academic sources you will apply your chosen theory to the following case study. As part of your tutorial journal you can consider the following questions (but do not use these as your only points of applying your chosen theory to the case study i.e. think of other ways to apply your theory to the case study):
1. What are the main views of your chosen theory? How is criminality explained under this theory?
2. In what ways does your chosen theory explain the case study?
Please do not just answer the above questions in the order they are presented in and numbering them. Please do not use dot points to present your journal. This should be a clearly written, well-articulated piece of writing that should be academic in nature and not disjointed.
Important- Using the information from the above article, as well as your 4 academic sources, apply your chosen theory to discuss the ice problem in regional areas of Victoria.
Just some things to keep in mind for while you’re preparing for your assessment:
– Newspaper articles are not considered academic references, however, you need to reference any and all newspaper articles you turn to
– Do a Google search for other news reports about the ice problem in Victoria (especially regional Melbourne, Victoria) to help you get the background information
And most importantly:
– Do not just answer the two prompt questions on the assessment hand out! Those are points where you can begin to think about applying the theories to the case study- they should not be the only points you consider. If you do not think beyond those two questions you will
Persuasive Essay – Assignment
Has technology made research easier or more difficult? Think about your response carefully. Consider the ways that current technologies make research easier for workplace and/or academic writers, as well as ways that these technologies make research more difficult. You are encouraged to base your response on real-life experiences (with academic or workplace writing) and observations.
In addition, you are expected to use the texts from the authors we are reading in Unit 4 to support your claims, as well. Select 2 essays from Carr, Gelernter, Sedaris, or Turkle to include in your persuasive essay. Use direct quotes or paraphrased material—but you must cite in-text and cite appropriately using MLA style.
Your audience is composed of the other students in your class (you will be sharing your ideas and essay planning via the discussion forum). Remember that your classmates might differing perspectives, so explain yourself carefully. Give good, clear examples.
Understand and apply principles of persuasion.
Analyze and evaluate appropriate personal experiences
Understand and apply requirements of assignment, including use of MLA format and in-text citation
Apply rules of standard English and skills learned in ENG 111
Length – 800-1200 words
Sources – 2 essays from Unit 4 are required; it is your choice as to which 2 your select.
Format – MLA with MLA documentation and in-text citation from the essays you choose
Please submit BOTH your rough draft AND your final draft for this essay. If you only submit your final draft, you will receive 50% credit. Upload both documents in Bb.
I have decided to use quotations from: (1) Sherry Turkle ” How Computers Change the Way We Think (2) Nicholas Carr ” Is Google Making Us Stupid ” Both of these essays can be found online.
Your persuasive essay is research and technology focused. Use these essays to back up your points surrounding that kind of idea.
For instance: You may claim, “Yes, Google is making us more reliant on computers and therefore we are a “dumber” society.” From there, use the essays to support your point in that regard. What passage from which essay would agree with that statement? See where I am going with this?
You might claim computers in the classroom are a bad thing. Students aren’t really learning “better” because of them. What essay or author would agree with you on that point? Use that author to support your point in that regard. Make sense?
To get your thoughts together on this, read through all of the essays first. See where they have common themes. Then, decide where you agree/disagree with the authors. Form your opinions and go from there. See where the text takes younot receive a good grade for this assessment.
I will upload one article which is ‘The Shardy Crew’ . You need to cite this as one of the reference and the other 4 sources you have to find it on your own. Based on the reading, the article “The Shardy Crew”), as well as at least FOUR academic sources you will apply your chosen theory to the case study.

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