The Dynamics associated with Entrepreneurship Success in small holder farm enterprises in Uganda
Order Description
This is a research proposal, looking at the success factors or determinants within the small holder farm enteprises in Uganda.
Key subjects /Research areas and themes
Knowledge of the business information
Access to market information
Business Linkages
Leadership skills and management
Entrepreneurship skills
The proposal should have :
1. Title of the Dissertation
… The title must include the key issue(s)
2. Research Problem
… Describe the research problem based on current literature review and the actual need to conduct your study. Be clear on the negative outcome and have ample research support
3. Theoretical Background
… List the key theoretical concepts your study will be grounded in
4. Significance of Research
… Why is your study worthy of research? Be clear on quantifiable impact
5. Research Questions and/or Hypotheses
… For quantitative research, not more than four main questions; if qualitative, you may have up to two main research questions and up to 5 sub-questions for each main research question
6. Research Methodology
… State the research methodology and why you have selected this specific research methodology; if qualitative, be clear on the approach and rationale for that approach
7. Data Sources Rights of the Participants
… Describe the data sources and who will be the participants
8. Legal Issues
… How do you protect the rights of the participants?
… How do you secure the right to make use of the data?

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