you must answer both questions below. They must be in an essay format – three paragraphs minimum per each question; five sentence minimum per each paragraph.

Just so there are no confusions, there are only two questions below (1 & 2), each question is broken up in order to better organize it.

1. Please answer the following questions in an essay style format

Explain what the processes of natural and sexual selection are. Provide examples.

Using natural selection as a model, explain how and why our ancestors became bipedal. Make sure to discuss the different hypotheses and the changing environment. Which hypothesis or combination of hypotheses do you think provide the best explanation? Why?

Please make sure to use support from videos, articles, and/or your book. Also, make sure not to imply agency.

  1. Please answer the following questions in an essay style format

Define As discussed in class, what are the differences between “biological variation between modern human populations” and the “cultural concept of race.

Please provide examples of each concept. Why would you argue it is important to understand the distinction?

Please make sure you define terms. Please provide support from lecture, videos, articles, and/your book.

include in text citation for the references used


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