The threat landscape that may affect a specific organization is constantly changing and so it is important that digital forensics and incident response personnel keep up-to-date on the current threat vectors in the field. There are many forms of this information from a variety of sources, many updated frequently. Prepare a memo to your boss (me) about the resource allocated to you below that answers the following questions:

1. Full citation of latest version (organization, title, date of latest report, number of pages, where report can be found, etc.)

2. Short description of organization(s) generating the report and their role in the digital forensics/cybersecurity space

3. Short description of the coverage of the report

4. Timeframe (when did they start publishing the threat report, how often is it published, etc.)

5. Geographic coverage (US only, worldwide, etc., are their multiple versions of the report)

6. Topic coverage (data breaches, computer crimes, insider threats, healthcare, etc.)

7. Data collection methodology, how did they collect their information

8. Eight to ten major findings from the report (what do they highlight in their report that is pertinent to you as a forensic specialist/incident response specialist)

9. A recommendation as to whether the report would be useful to your organization (Marymount University) and why.

10. Identify at least two equivalent reports (listed below or not) and compare the content of them


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