I really need 18 out of 20 in this assignment because I missed the first assignment.
Teacher is very strict in marking make sure you give your best shot.
The format of assignment which is required is : (and word file is attached for reference)
Business proposal
Address all points in proposal
Business to business
Business to customers
Executive summary
Table of contents
2.0)E-business model
3.0)Revenue model(3.1,3.2,3.3 act)
4.0)Applications (4.1 , website .4.2 discussion forums, 4.3 mobile apps 4.4 etc)
6.0)Emarketing tech (6.1 advertising 6.2 Google adds,,  social media , you tube etcetc)
7.0)Payments (credit cards  .. pay pal etcetc)
9.0)Legal issues
10.0)         Customer service issues (online chat , email , faqs   etc   etc)
11.0)         Analytics (Google analytics etcetc)
12.0)         Conclusion
13.0)         References  (APA style inline  citation)

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